Our Leaders

South Coast Chapter members have the opportunity to serve in many different leadership roles. There are Board, Appointed and Committee positions. The members of our 2016-2017 Board of Directors include:

  • Dee Ann Bahadursingh, President
  • Kelly Sullivan, President Elect
  • Molly Smitson, 1st VP/Membership
  • Maryann Jewett, 2nd VP/Ticktockers
  • Angie Epstein, 3rd VP/Philanthropy
  • Lori Giacomini, 4th VP/Thrift Shop
  • Amy Brandenberger, 5th VP/Ways and Means
  • Jennifer Synder, 6th VP/Activities
  • Sandra Livingston, 7th VP/Communications
  • Tracee Blossey, 8th VP/Provisionals
  • Kelli Vosskuhler, Secretary
  • Carolyn Sachs, Corresponding Secretary
  • Cheryl Poole, Treasurer
  • Erin Kahlert, Parliamentarian
  • Shirley Vega, Immediate Past President/Standards Chair